About Dog House Diaries

Dog House Diaries is the result of Annie A. Borden's vision of writing a series of fun children's books about the stories of rescue animals. This vision, coupled with ingenuity and artistic talents of Paul Jacob
Bashour, crystalized into the first of the book series, Rescued in L.A.

Annie and Paul sought to create a book that is original, colorful, stylistically unique, educational and enjoyable for all ages (even adults). While entertaining, the book also brings awareness to the world of shelter/rescue animals, who are greatly in need of a loving home.

Dog House Diaries, LLC is dedicated to giving back to the community and contributing to related charities.

Rescued in L.A. is a book for all ages to enjoy, bringing hope and awareness to the millions of wonderful and adoring dogs, and other animals looking to be adopted into loving homes.

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